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Photos by Peter Morran
Model 1849 Sporting Rifle
Between 50 and 75 of these rifles were made in either 36 or .44 calibre.  They were built by Albert S. Nippes.  Serial # 40.
Model 1849 Sporting Rifle
Model 1850 Sporting Rifle Serial #B4
Approximately 150 of these rifles were build by Nippes in either .36 or .44 calibre.  
Model 1850 Sporting Rifle
Model 1850 Carbine
This rare carbine is calibre .52 and was made by Nippes for the U.S. Government firearms trial of 1850.
Model 1851 Sporting Rifle
This model is also known as the "
Boxlock".  They were manufactured by Robbins & Lawrence in Winsor, Vermont.
They have the Maynard tape primer.  
Approximately 200 rifles and 1,800 carbines were made between 1852 and 1855.
Model 1851 Sporting Rifle
Confederate Sharps
Confederate "Sharps". First Type, Serial # 880.
S. C.. Robinson produced approximately 1,900 carbines of this copy of the model 1859 between 1862 and 1863.
Confederate Sharps First Type
Confederate "Sharps". Second Type, Serial # 8729.
The Confederate Government acquired the Robinson factory and produced about 3,000 carbines from March 1863 through
Confederate Sharps Second Type
Courtesy of   C. W. Slage,
Cased Pistol  ( Single Shot Model)
Utilizing the familiar hammer and dropping block the action of these pistols look like the later Civil War carbines and rifles.
Some 500 small frames, caliber .31 were made in Philadelphia between 1855 and 1856.  
A larger frame pistol, in caliber .36, was then made between 1857 and 1858.  Approximately 350 of these were
Case Pistol
Pistol Rifle
This interesting weapon was an attempt to use the pistol actions that were on hand at  the Philadelphia factory. First
produced in 1857 about 500 were manufactured until 1860.  
This was a time when different self-contained cartridges were being experimented with and this unusual rifle can be found
in paper (usually .36 caliber), wire ejector (calibers .34 - .44), and mule-ear cartridges (also .34 - .44).  
Sharps Model 7391
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Model 1852 Carbine.  There were 4,997 produced between 1853-1855