Back Issues and Postage

We have a complete selection of back issues and encourage everyone to buy the issues that cover their collecting interests or to complete their sets.
Single Issues of the SCA Report are available to current members only. New members are encouraged to purchase past issues.

Back issue prices are:

  • Vol 1 through 6 are priced at $8.00 per issue.
  • Vol 7 No 1 thru Vol 13 No 2 are priced at $10.00 per issue.
  • Vol 13 No 3 thru the current number is $15.00 each.
  • The combined issue, Vol 9 No 3 and Vol 10 No 1 is $30.00 and out of print but available via e-mail at the same price! They then can be downloaded and printed out at office supply stores.
  • A complete set of the Reports from Volume 1 through Volume 20 is $500.00

Postage for ordered past reports will be $5.00 per report in the USA- $10.00 per report international.

Please make your checks payable to: Sharps Collector Association.
Send orders to: P. O. Box 81566, Billings, Montana 59108

Email inquiries can be addressed to Doug Dolph at: